Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

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Practicing microsurgical breast reconstruction, Dr. LoTempio aims to create an aesthetically pleasing breast even when there is very little tissue to work with. In the case of breast reduction, the abundance of tissue makes beautiful results that much more attainable.

When it comes to the size of our chest, very few of us are happy with what we have been naturally blessed with. While countless women covet the curves of larger breasts, just as many of us would prefer for their assets to be significantly smaller. The voluptuous look may be in fashion but living with bigger breasts can mean making some significant compromises on your lifestyle, affecting everything from the clothes that you wear and the sports you can participate in, to the attention that you receive from others. Your larger breasts may even make you feel sore or uncomfortable.

Fortunately, breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, can alter the size and shape of your breasts, making them smaller, lighter and more manageable. Many patients report that their new shape makes them look and feel younger, more confident and more attractive. Moreover, breast reduction can help relieve symptoms of neck or back pain related to heavy breasts.

Signs that you may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction surgery is suitable for many women who have particularly large or heavy breasts, and particularly those who find that their day-to-day life is interrupted or compromised by the size of their best. Excellent candidates for breast reduction surgery tend to find that their breasts:

- cause back pain

- make it difficult to breathe, particularly if they have been engaged in physical activity such as climbing stairs or exercising

- prevent them from participating in certain sports

- cause pain in the shoulders and neck

- make shopping for a bra extremely difficult

- cause them to develop rashes, skin irritation, and even infections in the area underneath them

- attract unwanted attention

- make them feel that they aren’t taken seriously

- seem out of proportion to the rest of their body

- cause them anxiety or embarrassment

- prevent them from wearing the clothes that they would like to

What happens during the breast reduction procedure?

There are varying types of breast reduction surgery, and the procedure that you will be approved for will depend on the size and shape of your natural breasts and the level of reduction that you wish to make. The exact procedure will be determined at your consultation appointment, which is when you will meet with Dr. LoTempio to discuss your hopes and expectations for the surgery. However, you can expect that the greater the amount of breast tissue to be removed, the more in-depth your surgery will be.

All breast reduction surgeries are performed using a general anesthetic, which means that you will be aware or have any discomfort during the surgery. Incisions will be made in the natural curves of your breast wherever possible, which will help minimize scarring. If you have had a large amount of tissue removed from the breast, it may also be necessary for Dr. LoTempio to relocate your nipples higher on your chest.

Recovering from a breast reduction

For breast reduction surgery, it is crucial that you give yourself plenty of time to heal. You can expect to be in minimal discomfort for a few days after your surgery, and you will be prescribed medications to help you manage this.

Dr. LoTempio recommends that patients who choose breast reduction surgery take off from work for at least ten days, but you will need to continue wearing a post-operative bra for up to six weeks following your procedure. This will help to minimize swelling and give your new breasts adequate support while they heal.

Dr. LoTempio will give you aftercare instructions that will help you to avoid post-surgical complications and ensure that you have an efficient and successful recovery from your breast reduction.


Gynecomastia is a condition of breast overdevelopment in men and can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, or as a side effect of different medications. Dr. LoTempio works with men to improve the effects of Gynecomastia through liposuction with or without laser treatment as well as other surgical techniques to remove the breast gland and skin.

For more information on breast reduction surgery, or to schedule a confidential consultation, please telephone our New York, NY office.