Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

The shape of the ‘perfect’ female body has changed from decade to decade over the last century: from the voluptuous curves of Marilyn Monroe in the 50s to the androgynous look of supermodels in the 60s, the sportier figure embraced in the 80s to the ‘heroin chic’ look of fashion icons such as Kate Moss in the 90s. Nevertheless, it is fair to say that in this decade, curvy frames and a ‘bootylicious’ shape is the one that most women covet and is considered by the media to be the most attractive.

The good news is that it no longer matters if you haven’t been graced with a naturally round and pert behind. Cosmetic surgery enables patients to alter many aspects of their appearance, and a Brazilian Butt Lift can help you to achieve the booty that you dream of.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure

You may have seen horror stories about butt implants gone wrong in the media. However, here at LoTempio Plastic Surgery, Dr. LoTempio performs a butt lift by removing fat from another area of your body. It is then purified and then re-inserting it into your buttocks to make them rounder, firmer and more prominent. The reason that we choose to use your own fat rather than a prosthetic implant is that we have found that doing so provides patients with a much more natural feel and look to their butt.

Your butt lift surgery will be performed in two parts. In the first, the excess fat will be removed from your body via liposuction. The area from which this will be taken will be discussed at your consultation, but typically the fat is harvested from the stomach, hips or thighs. The part of the body that you choose will then benefit from fat reduction, and subsequently a more toned and streamlined appearance.

After purifying the fat, Dr. LoTempio will carefully inject it back into your upper part of your buttocks. Injections must be performed at a range of depths so that the buttocks feel and look as natural as possible.

Will I need a general anesthetic?

While both parts of a Brazilian butt lift can be performed under just a local anesthetic, most patients find that they would like sedation to help them feel calm and relaxed during the procedure. In some cases, a general anesthetic may be possible and this should be discussed with Dr. LoTempio during your consultation appointment.

Recovery from a Brazilian Butt Lift

Although a Brazilian Butt Lift is straightforward, it is still a relatively invasive procedure and as such, it is important that you allow yourself plenty of time to heal and recover.

Immediately after surgery, you may be in some discomfort, and Dr. LoTempio will be able to provide pain medications to provide some relief. Although you may be able to go home the same day, there are some occasions where an overnight stay is recommended. When you are discharged home, you should have someone drive you and stay with you for at least the first 24 hours.

You will be given specific aftercare instructions from Dr. LoTempio and these should be followed exactly, as they will help minimize the risk of post-operative complications and ensure that you make the best recovery from your procedure.

When will I be able to see the results of my surgery?

Swelling is a natural part of the healing process and could last as long as twelve weeks after your surgery. The compression garment given to you after your surgery will help keep swelling to a minimum, and you should be able to see the final results of your surgery twelve to fourteen weeks later.

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