Benefits of a Tummy Tuck


Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

When it comes to areas of the body that we dislike most, our midsection always ranks very highly on the list. In fact, more than 100,000 patients in the United States choose to go under the knife in an effort to trim their tummy and created a flatter, smoother and more toned physique.

Patients ask for a tummy tuck for many reasons, but significant weight loss and surgery after having a baby are two of the most common. This is because the body does not ‘ping’ back into shape once the skin has been stretched. As we get older, returning to our previous shape is even less likely thanks to the natural decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, which are needed to keep our skin supple and tight.

When you dislike part of your body, it can cause you to experience many emotions including sadness, anxiety and even depression. You may lose your confidence and have low self-esteem, or perhaps you feel unattractive and it is affecting your relationship with your partner. Some patients even avoid certain activities such as swimming because they feel embarrassed about the way their tummy looks.

Fortunately, a tummy tuck can dramatically improve the appearance of your midsection, tightening up the skin and creating a leaner, slimmer shape that leaves you feeling happy and confident.

What does a Tummy Tuck involve?

Tummy tuck surgery is name given to a procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the stomach. It is also commonly known as an abdominoplasty. A tummy tuck is always performed under a general anesthetic, as it is a major surgery that can take anywhere from two to four hours depending on the amount of excess skin and fat that needs to be removed.

This invasive procedure involves creating an incision across the lower part of the stomach and around the belly button. The skin is then separated from the wall of the abdomen and abdominal muscles are realigned, before pulling the skin tight and securing it in place.

Due to the invasiveness of the procedure, recovery from a tummy tuck can take a number of weeks. Most patients find that they require between three and six weeks off from work, and they may still experience some swelling and mild discomfort around their scar for several months after their surgery.

Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Although a tummy tuck is a serious and very invasive cosmetic surgery procedure, most patients agree that the benefits far outweigh any concerns about the process. Some of the biggest advantages cited by patients include:

Increased tone. Tummy tuck surgery tightens muscles that have been weakened by excess fat, loose skin or pregnancy. Once the skin is pulled tight, you will have significantly improved tone in your abdomen area.

Improved posture. When our stomach muscles weaken, it can cause us to slouch, causing back pain. However, stronger, tighter muscles encourage us to sit up properly and reduce the likelihood of back problems.

Bye-bye stretchmarks! While many women are proud of their stretchmarks, others dislike the way that they look. Men whose weight has fluctuated dramatically can suffer from stretchies too! Fortunately, a tummy tuck can remove them, leaving your stomach blemish-free.

Better bladder control. Yes, really! If you have delivered a child naturally, you may have developed stress urinary incontinence. This is an extremely common problem whereby the patient leaks tiny amounts of urine when they cough, sneeze, exercise or even laugh. Tummy tucks have been shown to help combat leakage and enable patients to regain better control of their bladder.

Repair the muscles in the abdominal wall. Many pregnant women suffer from a condition known as diastasis. It is characterized by the separation of the muscles of the abdominal wall, which occurs to make space for the growing baby. While some post-partum exercises can help the muscles to fuse back together in mild cases of diastasis, severe instances may require surgery which is part of the process for a standard tummy tuck procedure.

Discreet. Tummy tuck surgery leaves a scar just above the pubic region. This makes it easy to cover with your underwear or swimwear, enabling you to keep your procedure as quiet as you would like to.



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