What is a Labiaplasty?


What is a Labiaplasty?

Every woman is different, and all parts of their body can vary too, from the size of your hips to the color and size of your nipples. One area that is much less seen but that can also vary considerably from woman to woman is the labia. The labia is the term used to describe the flaps of skin that cover the vaginal opening. The outer labia, or labia majora, refer to the outermost covering of skin, while the labia minora refers to the darker, inner ‘lips’ that are the last layer of skin before the vaginal opening. It is generally the inner labia that can differ the most, and while some women will find that theirs tucks up neatly into the labia majora, other women notice that their inner labia lips stick out beyond the labia majora and are visible when they are standing with their legs fairly closed. While all bodies are beautiful, if you would like to make changes to your inner labia, you can now do this with a labiaplasty procedure.


What is a Labiaplasty?


A labiaplasty is the name given to a cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to reduce the size and/or improve the shape of the inner labia in order to improve overall appearance. In doing so, a labiaplasty may also prevent the labia minora from rubbing against underwear, seats, and other stimuli that could prove uncomfortable, causing extreme sensitivity and even pain.


Many women who choose a labiaplasty choose to have their labia reduced in overall size and made more symmetrical so that their most intimate area looks younger and more aesthetically pleasing. However, your surgeon will discuss your labiaplasty options with you and will recommend the most appropriate changes to meet your expectations while retaining a natural and healthy appearance.


What to Expect from a Labiaplasty?


Despite being in a very intimate area, labiaplasty is a fairly minor cosmetic surgery procedure. It can usually be performed in less than two hours and can be performed under local anesthetic with sedation or using a general anesthetic. In the majority of cases, you should also be able to go home the same day as your procedure.


Once the anesthetic has taken effect, your surgeon will use surgical instruments to cut away any excess skin, taking time to make sure that each side of the labia looks as symmetrical as possible. Dissolvable sutures will be used to close any wounds so that you don’t have to have an additional procedure to remove them.


How Long Will it Take Me to Recover from a Labiaplasty?


Although a labiaplasty is a minor procedure, you will still need to take some time to recover following your procedure. It’s normal to experience some swelling and discomfort, and you may be prescribed anti-inflammatories and prescription pain medication to help. These should be taken exactly as directed.


You’ll also be given specific instructions on how to care for the area while you heal, including keeping it clean and when you can resume sexual activity. Following these instructions will help to minimize any risk of complications occurring and will aid your recovery.



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