Transform your Body with Male Cosmetic Surgery


Transform your Body with Male Cosmetic Surgery

Contrary to what many people believe, cosmetic surgery is not just for women. While it is generally more common among females, there are plenty of men who are unhappy with various aspects of their body. Whether you are male or female, age and diet related changes can alter your appearance over the years and while the right nutrition and exercise can help address some issues, many of us simply can’t achieve the shape that we have always dreamed of through these methods alone.

It may not be as commonly discussed, but dissatisfaction with your appearance can have just as much of a detrimental effect on a man’s confidence and self-esteem as it can on a woman’s. Perhaps you avoid wearing certain styles of shirts or pants as you don’t want to draw attention to your shape. You might opt to wear clothes that are a size too big so that they don’t cling to parts of your body. You may refuse to get changed in public, or even in front of your partner because you feel embarrassed or ashamed about your appearance.

Fortunately, there are a range of different cosmetic surgery procedures that can address those areas of your body that you would most like to change and give you the confidence you deserve. Here are some of the most common ways to transform your body with male cosmetic surgery.

Male breast reduction

Man-boobs may be something of a joke among some men, but for others, excess breast tissue – a condition known as gynecomastia - is a very real and sensitive subject. It is not always known exactly why some men develop excess breast tissue and others don’t. Hormone imbalances are one commonly-cited cause for the condition, while certain medications have also been shown to contribute towards an increase in male breast tissue. Advancing age can also be to blame since natural loss of muscle definition and sagging skin can cause the chest to droop and create the illusion of male breasts.

Whatever the cause for your enlarged breast tissue, if non-surgical methods of treatment have failed, a male breast reduction could be the answer you are looking for. There are two ways in which this can be performed. Some patients may only require liposuction on the chest area which will remove excess breast fat. However, those patients with excess breast gland tissue may need a more invasive surgery to remove it.

Both types of male breast reduction are very successful and will leave you with a smoother, more masculine-looking chest.

Abdominoplasty for men

Men are just as likely to be unhappy with the shape and size of their abdomen as any woman is. While cosmetic surgery on the stomach cannot address your weight (and it is strongly recommended that you reach a point where you are happy with your weight and do not intend on losing any more before you undertake this surgery), it can help to tighten up your abdominal muscles, reduce the appearance of loose or excess skin and regain a slimmer, former stomach.

There are different types of abdominoplasty available, including a complete procedure or a partial surgery when there is less tissue that needs removing. Your surgeon will be happy to discuss which is best for you during your consultation.

Liposuction for men

Liposuction is another cosmetic surgery procedure that is commonly associated with females. However, an increasing number of men are choosing liposuction to help them improve stubborn areas of their body that don’t seem to tone up regardless of how much they diet and exercise. Also known as fat removal surgery, male liposuction is a fairly quick procedure that can be used to break down and remove obstinate areas of fat in various parts of the body including the:

-         Arms

-         Inner/outer thighs

-         Abdomen

-         Hips

-         Buttocks

-         Knees

-         Chin

The procedure is invasive but leaves minimal scarring and the recovery period can be significantly shorter than other types of cosmetic surgery.

If you are interested in finding out more about male cosmetic surgery and how it can help you to transform your appearance and give you the silhouette you have always dreamed of, our knowledgeable and professional team are on hand to help. Please telephone our offices to get in touch.