Sherry Diep Flap Patient

Hi Dr.Lotempio,

I believe that when you get the diagnosis of breast cancer it feels like your world has totally fallen apart. You first fear for your life and after you find out that survival is in the cards you need to find the correct road to recovery for your body and mind. I was very fortunate to have a Breast Surgeon who sent me to a wonderful Plastic Surgeon...You!

I never knew there were choices other than Silicone implants. When we met, you first told my husband and myself about your background. You proceded to explain the procedure that you would perform. Your explanation and overall presentation were so passionate, enthusiastic and showed so much dedication that it was hard not to go home and take a hard look at having the Diep Flap done. I researched the procedure, as well as you and your colleagues and since Silicone Bags were not an option...decided to go forward. You were so careful about making sure my body would be viable for this procedure, sending me for numerous tests for surgical clearance.

The procedure took 3 1/2 hours from anesthesia to wake up. After the surgery, I didn't have any pain..only a little discomfort from the tummy tuck which (I have to say wow) was a pleasant bonus and was the happy part of all of this.

I am now 6-week post surgery and feel and look better then I did before...I find it so hard to believe that more women are not choosing this procedure since the use of their own body parts would make them feel whole again.

More Breast Surgeons need to guide their patients to alternative procedures...Is it the lack of knowledge on their part or do they think that Silicone is the only way to go?

For your information Dr.Lotempio in my 66 years, I had never used a female doctor...I was raised in the old school of thought...You just went to a male doctor and that was the end of the story...I am grateful, that I was sent to you because I found that your understanding, caring and passion made it comfortable for me to be with a female physician.

I am your biggest fan and intend to put the word out for Diep Flap procedures. Oh yes, when I do talk with my friends about the surgery I can't wait to show them my new and improved healthy breast.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

With Love,

Sherry Barrish