Barbara Diep Flap Patient

I was unfortunate to have breast cancer with a total mastectomy, chemo, radiation-the works, BUT I was ever so fortunate to have Dr. Lotempio as my reconstructive surgeon.

Having trained and worked with the very pinnacle in the breast reconstructi0n field, she is the most highly trained and expert surgeon. As a patient, I couldn't ask for a more fabulous result - a 'new' breast that looked and felt like my own, and it was me, no foreign parts just my own!!

Her surgery skill is only exceeded by her concern and caring for her patients, their mind and their body. Dr. Lotempio turned one of the worst scenarios a woman can encounter into a wonderful ending. She exemplifies all that a Doctor should be; learned, caring, her expertise and commitment with you every step of the way!!

Barbara Moseley
Petersburg, Virginia