Kae L. Accessible doctor. Compassionate person. Talented surgeon.

“What do you mean you signed up?” my husband asked.

“I chose Dr. LoTempio to do the reconstruction. I have entrusted her to choose the surgeon for the bilateral mastectomy. I have an MRA scheduled for next week.”

“Don’t you want another opinion?” my husband responded.

“No, I like her. She is accomplished as any other surgeon, maybe more so. Mostly I feel as if she will be with me every step of the way.”

“You don’t want artificial implants and this surgeon said what you wanted to hear; she can do flap surgery when the other surgeon said you didn’t have enough fat for that.”

“You’re right but it’s more than that. She wasn’t just welcoming and explanatory, she actively listed and without judgment. She spoke with me, not down to me. She exuded confidence, not elitism.”

“Okay but I am concerned that you know nothing about this doctor other than what you read on her website and what you learned in your meeting with her today. No one you know including your oncologist knows of her.”

“I get that. I have enough information to trust my intuition. Also, there was just something about the warmth of her smile; it was like oxygen.”

And that is how my journey with Dr. LoTempio began.

After several surgeries and a few unexpected that Dr. LoTempio competently managed, I feel exponentially healthier (emotionally and physically) than I did months before this journey began.

Dr. LoTempio exemplifies the best in her field. She and her staff provide concierge-type accessibility and care that I found comforting. Our doctor/patient relationship was one of mutual commitment and respect. I never felt ignored, uninformed, or unsafe. I did feel empowered, supported and valued.

Although this particular medical journey has been positive beyond what I imagined, had the outcome been any different I would not have regretted my decision to have Dr. LoTempio at the helm.

I would highly recommend Dr. LoTempio for consideration to anyone considering reconstructive breast surgery. I don’t believe there exists a more relatable doctor; genuine person; skilled surgeon.

- Kae L., New York