Presurgery Instructions: Breast Augmentation


Presurgery Instructions: Breast Augmentation

Augmenting your breasts will need proper preparation. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends that all qualified patients follow presurgery instructions. Having this major surgery is a huge decision. Preparing the right way can lead to better chances of success. Here are some presurgery instructions that you must consider before your breast augmentation. 




You will need to talk to your doctor about the type and size of breast implant that you need. You may already have a size in mind. But your doctor will perform sizing techniques to confirm your true breast size goal. Taking measurements of your body is necessary for finding the final shape of your body. You may try on a specialized bra that can hold different sizes of implants. 


Some doctors use 3D technology to figure out the right implant for you. The software can predict what you would look like in different sizes of implants. During this visit, you can ask relevant questions. You can raise issues that you may have with the procedure. Your doctor will explain everything that you need to know. This can give you peace of mind.


Two Days Before the Surgery


You must quit tobacco and alcohol consumption at least two weeks before your procedure. Studies reveal that these habits impair your body’s ability to heal. They can also increase your risk of scarring. Quitting for good can result in faster recovery and good tissue support for the implants. Talk to your doctor about your current supplements and medications. You may need to stop some of them if they will interfere with your recovery.


One to Two Weeks Before the Surgery


During this time, you must prepare specific things ahead of time. Doing so will lower your stress level before your surgery. Make sure you get all your prescription medications before the procedure. These medications must include the antibiotics and pain relievers that you must take after your breast augmentation. 


Your doctor will not allow you to get a cab to bring you home because of the anesthetic effects. Ask a close friend or relative to accompany you to and from the facility. This individual must stay with you at home and assist you for one to two days after the procedure. You will need assistance with your pets and kids as well. 


About Three Days Before the Surgery


Prepare your home for your recovery. Start by charging your electronic devices, including your phones and laptops. Replace the batteries for your TV remotes. Place everything that you need beside your bed. Wash your sheets, blankets, and loose clothes. 


You will need to set aside the baggy pants and button-down, loose-fitting shirts for surgery day and your first few days of healing. 


On Surgery Day


Fast from midnight to the scheduled time of your procedure. Wash your hair, shave, and have a hot shower. Refrain from putting on makeup, deodorant, and perfume on surgery day. Bring warm socks because the preoperative room will be cold. 


Cooperating with your doctor when preparing for your breast augmentation can increase your procedure’s success. At LoTiempo Plastic Surgery for Women, we help our clients achieve their beauty goals in no time. You can drop by our clinic in New York, New York, for an in-person consultation. Please call 347-434-8600 to set an appointment or inquire about our breast augmentation packages.