Make Yourself Look Younger by Drinking Water


Make Yourself Look Younger by Drinking Water

Beauty experts say that beating the signs of aging doesn’t need any surgery. Studies show that water can bring back your youth. Water is all around and even inside you. While it’s essential for your survival, it is also vital for your health and youthful looks. Yes, water can make you look and feel younger. If you want to know how, here are the ways this colorless, odorless, and flavorless beverage can bring your years back.


Helps Moisturizers


Moisturizers are formulated to hydrate your skin externally. Beauty specialists say that if you don’t drink enough water, the effects of any brand of moisturizer becomes delayed. Drinking the right amount of water daily can help boost the effects of your moisturizer because waterworks from the inside.


Improves Oral Health


Artificial flavors and sugar deteriorate your teeth and gums. As you drink water, you cleanse your entire mouth thoroughly, stripping them of these detrimental ingredients. Your mouth then becomes healthier, making you look younger.


Enhances Concentration


According to research, your brain consists of 90 percent water. Drinking more water can help sustain and even improve your brainpower. Studies also suggest that your mental performance weakens when you’re dehydrated from excessive exercise or heat. Keep a cold pitcher of water handy when you deal with your workload for the day.


Reinforces Collagen


Water is a vital component of collagen, which is responsible for your skin’s repair and elasticity. Studies show that when you’re dehydrated, your skin becomes inelastic and prone to damage. Drinking water in place of other beverages can help sustain your skin’s collagen.


Lifts Your Mood


Experts claim that drinking alcohol would only make you more irritated and confused because alcohol dehydrates. If you want to drink to feel better, the ideal beverage is water. This clear drink does a better job than alcohol because it replenishes all your cells and refreshes you.


Increases Energy


Water may be flavorless and odorless, but according to studies, it is the most potent energy drink you can get. Sweet and caffeinated drinks can only give you a short-term boost, but water energizes you for longer.


Relieves Pain


Experts advise that for pain, such as headaches, you don’t need to take pain relievers at all. Over-the-counter pain medications only introduce more toxins into your body. All you need to do is drink about seven glasses of water per day and you can eliminate your pain. Without aches and pain in your life, you feel younger and more energized.


Aids in Weight Loss


It has been reported that dehydration prompts your body to store more fat. According to research, most people mistake their thirst for hunger. That is why they eat instead of drinking water. When you drink more water, you don’t have the urge to overeat. This results in significant weight loss.


You can achieve youthful good looks without surgery just by drinking more water. At LoTempio Plastic Surgery for Women, we make sure you keep looking young and healthy. If you want to schedule an appointment with us, please call us at 347-434-8600. You can also visit our clinic in New York, NY for a one-on-one consultation.